Friday, 12 April 2013

Product Review: Dark Art Miniatures Rocky Bases

So as those of you reading may have gathered, I am currently working on a Daemon Army for 40k. Early on in the project I decided that I wanted to take my time and lavish a bit extra on these guys so I decided to try out some resin bases from Dark Art Miniatures. This is the review of what I received.

Firstly I will start by telling you what I ordered. 2 lots of the Rocky Core Base Pack. Each pack contains 1 x 60mm base, 5 x 40mm bases and 20 x 25mm bases. For £11 + Shipping I think this is a bit of a bargain! for a little over £20 I have managed to get enough bases for 2/3 of my 1850 point army. Not too Shabby! Now look at them!

Image borrowed from DAM as my photography wouldn't do these justice!

The casting on these is absolutely brilliant! There was the odd tiny air bubble but that was either really easily filled with Liquid GS (one of the most versatile things GW has released!) or just overlooked as it will add some interesting weathering (Water/Nurgle Slime erosion!). They are very sturdy and solid bases (i did a test and dropped one from about 4-5ft onto a hard wood floor and not a mark on it, so I am pretty happy they will stand up to the rigours of gaming (a side note; if I ever get a chance to play against any of you please bear in mind that I will not be propelling your models towards floors etc I am a great sport really!)

There is plenty of variation in the 25mm and 40mm bases, but there appears to only be one 60mm base (both I received were the same!). While not a major problem, it just means that the 9 of these that will be in my 1850 army will require a little bit of work to make each a bit unique- but again this is not an issue as far as I am concerned!

So then, on to some kind of final summary. I have settled on a 5 star system as follows
*= Run Away Now and Don't Look Back
**= Needs Work but will put up with it if necessary.
***= Acceptable!
****= Fantastic!
*****= Mind Blowingly Phenomenal and Possibly an Indication of the Second Coming!

So for the first offical review I give these bases/DAM the following

Value; ****
 I simply cannot argue with the value for money that the core base packs represent in my opinion.

Quality; ****
I guess that this rating is somewhat intrinsically linked to the one above and as such again scores brilliantly

Service; ***
I feel ever so slightly guilty only giving an Acceptable score here but allow me to explain. It took 2 weeks from order to receipt. I ended up sending an e-mail just to make sure that everything was OK with the order and I must say that they responded very quickly and did send a free Bike base in with my order (means I must now purchase some form of bike mounted model.....)

In short, if you are after a bulk of resin bases to quickly do an army, get yourself over to because I deeply doubt you will be disappointed with the results!

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