Tuesday, 26 November 2013

From The Ashes.....

Right so Clan Raukaan arrived, and my plans swiftly departed. No named Character in the book means that my plans to do an Iron Hands army for BW have been shelved (or Iron Hands have been demoted to Allied role) meaning I have a new opening for a Primary Detachment. I still intend to use a Fortress of Redemption so the army really needed to fit with that. No point having a fortress of Redemption in a fast army..

Fortunately after a few chats with friends a solution has been concocted. I am now planning on doing an Imperial Guard army (with or without Iron Hands allies) defending a Fortress of Redemption. The Title of this post is actually a teaser for the army....

May The Dice Be Ever in Your Favour

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Iron Hands (Provisionally)

Well I have provisionally decided that I will be doing an Iron Hands army for Blog Wars 7 using the upcoming Clan Raukaan Supplement (I love supplements!!!). This is obviously currently in the hope that they decide to add a character to the army so the list will be supported by the Blog Wars rules pack. I have also decided on the centrepiece of the army. It's something I haven't seen used before and have always wanted to try, and here it is;

So to summarise my plan will be an Iron Hands force, sheltering in and around a Fortress of Redemption. What do you guys think?

May The Dice Be Ever In Your Favour (unless I'm playing you!)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bitten by The Bug!

Yes Folks, I've been bitten by the bug! I am not referring to the large amount of Tyranid players at Blog Wars 6 but rather to the event itself. I absolutely loved the event and the atmosphere and as such I am hooked. I am already planning my army for Blog Wars 7 next year!

At the moment I am thinking something power armoured. I would love to do Iron Hands but they currently have no character. I am waiting for the Clan Raukaan book to be released in the hope it includes a character. Plus I think supplement codices may be my Blog Wars "Thing". I took Farsight Enclave last time (and placed with it!) and hopefully will be able to take Iron Hands for the next one. Maybe I need to start thinking about 8 next November too.........

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Blog Wars 6- Result!

Well I don't know how it happened but somehow, in my first ever Tournament games, I managed to come in 3rd Place.

I will write more about this at some point but I would much rather post this just to say thank-you to everyone for making it a great day. I would especially like to thank Chris Buckle. I had played him a week or so before the day in preparation for the inevitable Nidzilla lists I could see going. It was a relatively close game that taught me a few things (mainly, don't let the Doom get near 2 Riptides because they will go away!). Being drawn against him for the first game actually made me quite nervous but fortunately the dice gods smiled upon me and I ended the game with 28 Tournament Points out of 25! First Tournament game ever and I break maths! It helped a lot! 

May The Dice Be Ever in Your Favour (unless I'm playing you)