Monday, 25 February 2013

Total Recall!

Time to wipe the slate clean and start again! I got in a couple of games over the weekend (my first of 6th) with my mate Luke and his Blog Wars List and realised the utter filth i was facing. Off the top of my head he had taken a large number of guard (there was definitely a giant blob!) more heavy weapons than i could shake a stick at (autocannons and lascannons!) allied Sisters including one squad of sisters in rhino, a squad of flamer dominions in a rhino and St Celestine. oh and before i forget; 2 MANTICORES! (I hate these things).

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tiny Update!

Just thought i would put up a  small written up date of where I am up to!

Since Sunday I have;
- Painted the Base Layers on 14 Plague Marines and now need to detail them
- Painted the Base Layers on 28 Plague Zombies and now need to detail them
- Built 10 Plague Bearers and have started the Base Layers of them
- Stuck Typhus on to a base

4 Days and I have done that, I think i wil be please with myself.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Introducing Painting Points

I have made the decision to add Painting Points to this Blog, for me to numerically track my progress. I will be completely honest and say that I am blatantly ripping this off of numerous other blogs I read! On the right I have included the details for how I will be scoring this and although you can see progress in some photos already posted, no Points will be awarded until finished pictures are up on the Blog!

Monday, 18 February 2013


Ok so the Title says it all! I started work on my Plague Zombies. The First image below shows them amongst some Plague Marines (they are the white blurs!). I apologise for the shoddy photographs but they were shot using my iPod on a whim. I wanted to measure how much i did in a day!

The second photo actually is 28 Zombies fully painted (apart from bases). I may go back and add some detailing to them if I get time but once the bases are done I am happy these guys are of table top quality.

So to Summarise. One lazy Sunday Afternoon means 28 Zombies completed (just about). Makes me feel a bit more confident about the rest of the army now the main Horde unit is practically out of the way!

As a side note, you may be looking at the models wondering as to my choice. I have decided to use Goblins from GW's The Hobbit range because a) the are available in bulk and b) they actually work! they are slightly stunted, covered in pustules and ramshackle weapons and bones. They are not necessarily "human" plague zombies. After all many Imperial planets have "Sub-Human" denizens! what od you think? (I even have GW's blessing with this as i wanted to confirm if I took them to the Throne of Skulls they would be allowed! and they agreed and said that it was actually a very good idea!) 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Time to Revise

So as you may notice from my To Do list on the right hand side, one of my jobs is to re-write my Army List (possibly frequently) in the vain hope of improving it. Here is my first (and quite major revision if I am honest). Where possible I am providing justification for the changes. If you have any opinions on the changes please feel free to let me know!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Muse

I have been having a chat with my mate Luke about the provisional army list I have put together and he has confirmed my worries. I am seriously going to struggle with any AV13 / AV14 and think I need to work something out. My first thought was to address another issue we identified- the speed of the army. One possibility is to give the Plague Marine unit with Melta a Rhino with Combi melta, this would get them into the fight quicker and gets me an additional melta  shot to pop something armoured. The question is, is it enough. A Rhino isn't exactly that survivable and the unit could well end up walking anyway. If i did that I would have 3 meltaguns (one on the rhino and 2 in the plague marine squads) and Ku'Gath who can take out AV14, will this be enough? I think some test games are in order! if anybody has any suggestions, please share them!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

"Tis the times' plague, when madmen lead the Blind"

So I have a ticket to BlogWars5.... and this blog will track my progress towards it. I swore that this year i would complete an army and a tournament so here we go......

After having a think about this, I have settled on taking my Death Guard army to Blog Wars. So now on to think about what is required. For a start I am required to take a Special Character so Typhus it is. I also have a fear of anything airborne so an Aegis Line with Quadgun is a must too I think.

-Edit- I have now updated the army list below as i start tweaking it. While a second Heldrake would have been nice i decided that upgrades to Aspiring Champions would be a nice option (I am not a power player) and the inclusion of the nurglings gives me another unit (with a bucket load of wounds!)! I still have 20 points to play with and I am toying with just giving each Aspiring Champion for the Plague Marines a Mutation..... now i need to decide how many daemon princes i should paint for the day!