Friday, 13 September 2013

Marines... One Week In

So it has been a week already since the Space Marine codex was unleashed upon us. What have 7 days taught me:

1) it is a wonderfully varied Codex and is definitely a step up from the previous edition.

2) I love Imperial Fists. Hands down my personal favourite chapter tactics, possibly because I am forever rolling 1's to hit.

3) I am a Centurion Convert. From pictures I hated them, now I freaking love this cool tin cans!! And also in the one game I have played I fielded 2 units and they were devastating (specifically the assault centurions with flames and hurricane bolsters against a blob of guard- messy!)

4) I like grab weapons in limited amounts. I am using an anti-infantry devastation centurion unit with 2 with heavy bolsters and hurricane bolsters and the sergeant taking gravcannon and grav amp twinned with an omniscope. Allowing him to separate fire to deal with something slightly more meaty.

5) the Iron Hands regenerating Raiders will be common I fear. A Master of the Forge in side it repairing a HP each turn on a 3+ and then Land Raider having It Will Not Die so gaining another on a 5+. If anyone puts more than one master of the forge / techmarine in it I will genuinely scream!!

6) the Raven Guard got a bit screwed over. Bonus to jump packs are nice, but stealth to all non-bulky models isn't that characterful given the fact that everyone with a jump pack is bulky....

7) I like the Hunter. It is dirt cheap and is a stupidly reliable piece of anti air. I don't like the Stalker's double firing gimmick- too unreliable personally.

8) GW are not unreasonable. Because the army builder part of my iCodex was not ready we got more free stuff. They added all the apocalypse data sheets for space marines in to the iCodex. I appreciate this. I now have half an army builder, they are yet to add the elites and fast attacks and a few other bits are missing. Once it is complete though I shall be reviewing it.

Sorry again about the haphazard and lackadaisical postings recently guys!!!

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