Thursday, 3 October 2013

Blog Wars 6: Army List

So I have finally decided on my list for Blog Wars 6 and am pleased to show it off below. The only thing I am undecided over is whether to take 2 units of 12 Fire Warriors or 3 units of 8. Anyone got any opinions?



Riptide- Heavy Burst Cannon, Twin Linked Plasma Rifle, Velocity Tracker & Earth Caste Pilot Module 

Riptide- Ion Accelerator

12 Fire Warriors- Bonded

12 Fire Warriors- Bonded

3 Crisis Suits- Twin Linked Fusion Blaster, Bonded

3 Crisis Suits- Twin Linked Plasma Rifle, Bonded

8 Pathfinders- Bonded, Recon Drone                                                                                                                                                  

3 Broadsides- High Yield Missile Pods, Smart Missiel System, Bonded 

3 Broadsides- Heavy Rail Rifle, Smart Missile System, Velocity Trackers, Bonded 

Hammerhead- Longstrike, Disruption Pods, Submunition Rounds, Smart Missile System                                                                                                                                                  


  1. With no bonuses like a ethereal or fireblade I would go for 3x8. It gives you the same number of shots but more flexibility for blocking,targeting, etc..

  2. After having play tested the army last weekend I had actually come to the same conclusion! I have also decided on some other minor tweaks, I will drop the recon drone from the pathfinders (as it did absolutely nothing) and instead will give the HYMP Broadsides Interceptor. this then frees up enough points for another pathfinder so an extra markerlight