Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bitten by The Bug!

Yes Folks, I've been bitten by the bug! I am not referring to the large amount of Tyranid players at Blog Wars 6 but rather to the event itself. I absolutely loved the event and the atmosphere and as such I am hooked. I am already planning my army for Blog Wars 7 next year!

At the moment I am thinking something power armoured. I would love to do Iron Hands but they currently have no character. I am waiting for the Clan Raukaan book to be released in the hope it includes a character. Plus I think supplement codices may be my Blog Wars "Thing". I took Farsight Enclave last time (and placed with it!) and hopefully will be able to take Iron Hands for the next one. Maybe I need to start thinking about 8 next November too.........

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