Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Blog Wars 6- Result!

Well I don't know how it happened but somehow, in my first ever Tournament games, I managed to come in 3rd Place.

I will write more about this at some point but I would much rather post this just to say thank-you to everyone for making it a great day. I would especially like to thank Chris Buckle. I had played him a week or so before the day in preparation for the inevitable Nidzilla lists I could see going. It was a relatively close game that taught me a few things (mainly, don't let the Doom get near 2 Riptides because they will go away!). Being drawn against him for the first game actually made me quite nervous but fortunately the dice gods smiled upon me and I ended the game with 28 Tournament Points out of 25! First Tournament game ever and I break maths! It helped a lot! 

May The Dice Be Ever in Your Favour (unless I'm playing you)

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