Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Play Test Incoming

I realise I haven't put a post up in a couple of weeks, had a pretty manic time at work recently. anyway I thought I'd share the following picture as an update on the Exocrine that I am working on.... and continue reading for more details of something else I am going to be attempting soon....

So details of something I will be attempting soon;

My Friend Toph is going to be playtesting a new set of rules he has in mind for his future tournaments and I am going to be taking a Nid army. The basic rules are;

-1650 points
-No escalation-Stronghold assault is allowed, but no strength D-Forge World Allowed-Allies Allowed-No Duplicate entries in army list other than Troops & Dedicated Transports 

I intend to use a cut down version of my Blog Wars list with a few tweaks. The No Duplicate entries will hit me hard, I can't have multiple Individual Venomthropes to provide cover across the army.....

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming week or so as I actually finalise my list for the event! Anyone got any experience/ideas they would care to share?

May The Dice Gods Be Ever In Your Favour,

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