Monday, 3 March 2014

I Bit The Toe of Satan

A quick break down of the last week or so, including one of the most painful experiences of my life.

So another weekend has been and gone and I have yet more plastic to show for it. In all, I now have 2 Tervigons, a Hive Crone and an Imperial Knight to be cracking on with (The Imperial Knight was an accident- I only wanted the Tyranid stuff but somehow I ended up buying one anyway!). The Exocrine is about 60% completed now and I have finally found a method for doing the colour scheme that I am happy with which should mean that the army progresses at a greater pace now (when I don't get distracted painting my shiny Imperial Knight!).

Now for the pain....

This Picture of Link sums it up perfectly!

Now you may be curious as to the title of this post. It is the best descriptive phrase I could find for an experience this weekend. I made my friend a bottle of Chilli Vodka for his Birthday- Ghost Chilli Vodka. This fiery beverage however was not the cause of my pain. I was far more stupid than that. I ate one. a whole one. I know I can handle hot foods but I have never experienced anything like this. The burn was just purely unrelenting. Would I do it again? Most likely, but I am a glutton for punishment!

So what stupidity shall I subject myself to over the coming week? Let's find out!

May The Dice Gods Be Ever In Your Favour

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