Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The End is Nigh: Goodbye Apocalypse

Ok so this Blog entry was mostly written on Sunday but I have just done some final editing and tweaking here now and finally posted it;

So I am sat on the train, on my way to help Matt from Ex Instinctu Imperatorto set up his Apocalypse game for the end of his campaign. As I write this I am aware that this is the final Saturday that GW will recognise and support the current edition (a more profitable edition is coming) and thought this Blog entry would be a great time to look at this day as it progresses. I want to capture any moments of pure awesome and say Goodbye to This Apocalypse (a potential autobiography title there!) in proper fashion, so bear with me as I take you through my day.

09:18- sat on train, drinking copious amounts of Relentless and recovering from last night. A 1am Mexican Pizza was definitely one of the better ideas that I had. As a side note, random band from the Nags Head- well done on last night. I went out for a quiet drink with my mate and you made the night into something awesome. Instead of just having a quiet drink and catching up with someone, we instead ended up being serenaded with Deff Leopard, AC/DC, Metallica, Iron Maiden and many more that I will file under mildly drunken miscellaneous blur. You did an awesome job and I am sorry that the 2 of us seemed to be the only ones appreciative of your contribution to the atmosphere!!!

9:22 Leicester is in site and that means walking a bit of a way. My legs complain.

9:46 the view from the gaming room is 

10:02 we have broken one of the 2 lifts to the 8th floor, good start! It is making the ominous grinding noise.

10:21 tables are set. All 3 of them

And here's our organiser;
This was the Most Flattering photo taken

10:41 the phrase "Yay Orgy!" was muttered

10:46 briefing has commenced, gaming to begin soon.

11:43 first casualty has happened. Perils took out a harlequin psyker before anything interesting happened at all!



unfortunately my iPad decided to wipe everything from this point and so I have no more! Head over to Matts Blog though because he has put some further details up!

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