Monday, 1 July 2013

Venturing into the Webway!

Welcome back to Something Wicked. After my last post on Friday detailing the list that I plan on working on I though I would now show you some of my WIP shots so far;

First or all lets have a look at the Jetbikes that I am working on. This is my first unit of 6 Windriders and includes 2 of the GW finecast Shuriken Cannon upgrade kits. Now I am going to go off on a tangent here because I frequently hear people harping on about finecast and complaining that it is terrible. This has not been my experience. These Shuriken Cannnons are, at first glance, flawless. Yes there is some flash that needs cleaning up, and mould lines will have to be removed but apart from the norm there are no actual failures of note. Here's a shot of some of my prepped pieces (some pieces get undercoated black, others get undercoated grey)- 

Once I got them built it was very easy to get them sprayed up and start airbrushing my basecoats on to them. I must say that even though these kits are quite old and dated they are still an absolute pleasure and definitely do not look out of place in the Eldar army also the fact that GW have just released the Shuriken Cannon upgrade pack in Finecast does not fill me with hope for new Jetbikes in the near future.

Unfortunately I ran out of time this weekend to sort everything out for this Blog entry and as such it is a little light. I will aim to get some better pictures up of everything I have achieved so far at some point to balance out the lack of pretty pictures in this entry.

I will leave you with this parting shot of some parts basecoated red!

That is all for now, I want to get this posted while I can!

Remember to check back in later in the week for another article.

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