Monday, 27 January 2014

Exocrine Update

Well it's Sunday evening as I write this and, although I don't intend to finish and publish this until Monday, I thought I'd give you a quick update of my progress this evening. My weekend has been somewhat manic but I found an hour to sit and do some painting this evening and have started applying colour to the Exocrine.....

I am going with the colours of Hive Fleet Behemoth for my fleet however I am mixing it up a bit. I am toning down the blue on the Carapace and using a more blue-grey colour, I am also not going for the black weapons normally associated with Behemoth. I have chosen to go for bone coloured to provide a contrast against the red skin and black carapace.

There is still further highlighting to go on the red and then I need to decide on things like the tubules connecting the weapon etc and actually paint the weapon. I am sort of making this up as I go along at the moment.....
May The Dice Gods Be Ever In Your Favour

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