Thursday, 16 January 2014

Tyranids Army List First Attempt

Here we go with a first attempt at an 1850 point Tyranid Army List using the new codex. Firstly a couple of pointers. As I am currently planning for the next Blog Wars this army is built using the Blog Wars restrictions (must include a character), so please bear that in mind.

Without further ado........

Swarmlord with 2 Tyrant Guard (385 Points)

Hive Tyrant with Dual Devourers with Brainleech Worms, Hive Commander, Wings (250 Points)

2 Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons (110 Points)

Venomthrope (45 Points)

Venomthrope (45 Points)

30 Termagants with Fleshborers (120 Points)

20 Termagants with Fleshborers (80 Points)

3 Tyranid Warriors including Barbed Strangler (100 Points)

Tervigon with Thorax Swarm* (205 Points)

Fast Attack
Hive Crone (155 Points)

Heavy Support
Exocrine (170 Points)

Tyrannofex with Acid Spray and Thorax Swarm* (185 Points)

*Thorax Swarms are currently unspecified but I am leaning towards Electroshock Grubs.

The Explainy Bit
The Flyrant with Hive Commander allows the Tervigon to outflank. Swarmlord boosts reserves to 2+ on second turn. Tervigon comes in on Flank in opponent deployment zone creating a Synapse Anchor on that side of the bored (the Hive Crone will use this and the Flyrant as it's Synapse Network). The Swarmlord acts as a central synaptic Lynchpin for the footsloggers, supported by the warriors. Wave of Gaunts march forwards (keeping out of Tervigon Range). The pair of Venomthropes spaced through this will provide a nice Shrouded bubble to most of the army.

Hive Crone will target vehicles/flyers where possible with Tentaclids and Vector Strike. Electroshock grubs are on Monstrous Creatures because S5 template will hurt most infantry on a 2+ or 3+ and the Haywire against vehicles will be useful if I get close enough. Hopefully knock off a Hull Point before charging with Monstrous Creatures.

Theoretically at the Start of Turn 2 the opponent will have a Flyrant, A Tervigon (and a unit of spawned Termagants) and a Hive Crone bearing down on them in their own deployment zone. This should provide a distraction while the rest of the army moves forwards.....

That's the first basic idea of an army I have come up with. I know I have sunk a lot of points in to the HQ section of the army and I am now looking at this and ways to revise this..... What are your thoughts guys?
May The Dice Gods Be Ever In Your Favour


  1. Looks like an alright list. A lot of points has gone into swarms but it's necassary with the way blog wars works.
    The exocrine seems like a must include tbh. How about haywire thorax on the flyrant. I think the Rex will be to slow to make any use of the thorax tbh.

  2. I debated giving the Flyrant the Thorax Swarm but it would mean opting not to shoot one of the two sets of twin linked devourers in order to fire it. The other thing I was debating was whether including 2 venomthropes was necessary or whether a single one would do the trick.

  3. Think that would be something to test out. I think 1 would be targeted straight away and blown of the board. Two could could certainly help.
    You have a point with the flyrant... I suppose 12 t/l s6 shots would achieve the same thing... But could be handy for armour 14 tanks.
    I'm always tempted with poison on the termigaunts just in case you run into anything that you can't hurt aka riptides etc if they get to close

  4. Armour 14 is always going to be an issue and it was the reason for taking the Electroshock Grubs. However the likelihood of encountering multiple AV14 units at Blog Wars is relatively low and I am happy to just ignore a single one for as long as possible while I try to dismantle the rest of the force.

    The Crone can use its Haywire Tentaclids against AV14 to potentially great effect and will still retain a very effective S8 vector strike I can use against other fliers if necessary.

    I was also debating swapping the smaller unit of 20 Termagants for 16 Hormagants for a rush unit, they should really get out of synapse thanks to the swarmlord and flyrant providing plenty of synapse cover.

    The warriors will be used to keep the Tyrannofex and Exocrine in check. I wish I could also squeeze an extra Hive Guard in as I feel a unit of 3 is a lot better than a unit of just 2 of them....

  5. Is it worth trying to squeeze 2 crones in then. Just for double threat and to make sure something dies a turn?

    I've never tried more than 2 hive guard in a squad seems like over kill to have 3... But odds say you have a hit snap firing at flyers and they have no cover so it's probably worth it.

    I'm not overly worried about an exocrine falling out of synapse. He will always shoot at nearest thing (I think he would ignore 1-3 on the chart)

    If you are to do a rush thing with Hormagants you might need more or 2 squads. They die quick and don't always do it in cc so toxin is worth while but costly.

  6. A second Crone would always be desirable in this list, I truly feel they will work best in pairs. My only quandary is where to find the points?!

    I am quite happy to take just 2 Hive Guard and not worry about taking a third and I think I will stick with Termagants over Hormagaunts for now (I have always had slight inclinations towards the shooting phase).

    Ideally I would love another Hive Crone for this list but I just cannot see a viable way of getting one in. I could drop the 3 warriors, a venomthrope and a thorax swarm and that would give me the points, but I would be sacrificing a synapse unit and a unit that should boost survivability....

  7. Could you drop a tyrant guard on swarmy and drop the warriors to get a crone in?

    Otherwise could you drop the tyrannofex and run a crone and possible have space for another tyrant or hive guard?

  8. It is a possibility but I think Swarmy will draw a lot of fire so having the 4 ablative wounds will do him a lot more good than just the two, but it is possibly something I will play around with when I finally get a game in. I am really reluctant to drop the warriors as they provide another point of synapse. My BIG synapse creatures will always draw a lot of fire and these should remain relatively unscathed until later game theoretically speaking....

  9. swarmy will be shot to hell tbh... you will have to keep him close to a venomthrope and maybe throw another tyrant guard in so you have 6 wounds?

    i think the trick is to get as many targets as possible and hope that something makes it through.

    i think its much harder to put a list together. my list if it helps is looking abit like this but not thought of how to get a character in it... might be the red terror and just hide?!

    flyrant with t/l devourers
    flyrant with t/l devourers

    3 warriors
    3 warriors
    20 devilgants
    20 devilgants

    2x carnifex with t/l devourers
    2x carnifex with t/l devourers

  10. It's a nice looking list! I would be dubious about the 2 units of 3 warriors. Your Flyrants won't be hanging back to provide synapse support so the logical choice would be pummel the 2 warrior units leaving you with gaunts and carnifexs (what is the plural? carnifeces just sounds wrong!) without synapse support..... I'd consider trying to work a troop Tervigon into that army list myself....

  11. Tbh im yet to test it out hopefully will do in a week or so or grab a game on vassal.

    I think the book offers a lot of options. Almost to many compaired to before everything seems viable.

    Thinking about your list swarmy gives prefered enemy to a unit per turn. So a big unit of Hormagants could work and tie up a unit until he arrives...

  12. This leads me to think that a unit of Hormies instead of the second unit of Termies might be beneficial. I sense much play-testing in the forseeable future!!