Monday, 13 January 2014

Time for Some Focus! A Hobbying New Years Resolution!

I'd like to say that I started writing this between Christmas and New Year but with a hectic couple of weeks at work I have only just got around to finishing this off.

For my New Years resolution and to make me focus a bit better on the Hobby (and specifically completing projects) I am expanding on the completely failed Painting Points System I implemented last year. After an abysmal 2013 the coming year is mine!!!

So for a start there will be a New Scoring System....

Basic Points:
25mm base = 1 pt.
40mm base = 2 pts.
60mm base = 5 pts.
Monstrous Creature = 10 pts.
Small Vehicle = 15 pts.
Large Vehicle = 20 pts.
Flyer = 25 pts.
Terrain Feature = 10 - 20 pts.
Superheavy Tank / Flyer = 40 - 50 pts. (depending on size)
Titan = 60 pts. + 20 pts for each weapon.

Bonus Points:
Character + 2 pts.
Extra Options + 0.5 pts. per option.
Based Model + 0.5 pts. per model.
New Technique Attempted + 5 pts. (one-time bonus)
Transfers / Unit Markings + 1 pt. per unit.
Weathering (Battle Damage) + 1 pt. per unit.
Weathering (Dirt and Grime) + 1 pt. per unit.
Gore (blood and guts etc.) + 1pt. per unit.

Completed Unit + 2 pts. per unit.

So how will this motivate me? every point earned I am translating into £1 to go into my Hobby Fund. This is the only monies I will spend to buy new models. In order to buy new models, I need to complete ones I already have. as an aside I will point out that this fund will not cover codices etc, just models. I still want my books!!

So what will be my first project of the year? Well I've been a bit naughty and I have treated myself to an Exocrine and the Swarmlord along with the new Tyranid Codex so these 2 will be the first things I paint (I may also review the Exocrine kit). Once this are completed I will have an extra £25 in the coffers (10 Points per Monstrous Create, 2 For Character and 0.5 for each base, and 2 for completed unit Exocrine- the Swarmlord will not be a completed unit as he will have Tyrant Guard)..... lets' see how this 

PS I have started this with £50 in the Coffers because I know something is bound to be released that I just have to have...

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