Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Muse

I have been having a chat with my mate Luke about the provisional army list I have put together and he has confirmed my worries. I am seriously going to struggle with any AV13 / AV14 and think I need to work something out. My first thought was to address another issue we identified- the speed of the army. One possibility is to give the Plague Marine unit with Melta a Rhino with Combi melta, this would get them into the fight quicker and gets me an additional melta  shot to pop something armoured. The question is, is it enough. A Rhino isn't exactly that survivable and the unit could well end up walking anyway. If i did that I would have 3 meltaguns (one on the rhino and 2 in the plague marine squads) and Ku'Gath who can take out AV14, will this be enough? I think some test games are in order! if anybody has any suggestions, please share them!

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  1. Hi pal,

    Look forward to seeing you at BW5 - I'm a friend of the organiser and this will be my third attendance. It's a great day out with lots of great people and lovely armies. Kudos to you for taking a pure Nurgle army - it's difficult to use monogod armies from what I understand but makes for an awesome thematic army. My only regret is that the new CSM codex doesn't do nurgle terminators justice, else combi meltas and chainfists teleporting in with t5/fnp would have been a good solution to your dilemma.

    I'm no expert at list building but the point is well taken about av13/14. It's worth considering how much of a problem it would be for you if you came up against say a land raider - would the rest of your army be able to complete the mission and be able to just ignore the heavy armour should it not put itself in the face of your melta/MCs? Also, might be worth hanging on just a few weeks to see if/what some new Nurgle toys come out for daemons as it may shake your list ideas up, especially if there's something good at anti-tank in there.

    Catch you later,