Tuesday, 5 February 2013

"Tis the times' plague, when madmen lead the Blind"

So I have a ticket to BlogWars5.... and this blog will track my progress towards it. I swore that this year i would complete an army and a tournament so here we go......

After having a think about this, I have settled on taking my Death Guard army to Blog Wars. So now on to think about what is required. For a start I am required to take a Special Character so Typhus it is. I also have a fear of anything airborne so an Aegis Line with Quadgun is a must too I think.

-Edit- I have now updated the army list below as i start tweaking it. While a second Heldrake would have been nice i decided that upgrades to Aspiring Champions would be a nice option (I am not a power player) and the inclusion of the nurglings gives me another unit (with a bucket load of wounds!)! I still have 20 points to play with and I am toying with just giving each Aspiring Champion for the Plague Marines a Mutation..... now i need to decide how many daemon princes i should paint for the day!

             Main Army

Typhus (230 points)
7 Plague Marines (229 points)
-          2 Plasmaguns
-      Champion- Powerfist, Combi Bolter, Meltabombs

7 Plague Marines (216 points)
-          2 Meltaguns
-      Champion- Powerfist, Meltabombs 

28 Cultists (122 points)
-          Plague Zombies
Heldrake (170 points)
-          Baleflamer

7 Havocs (162 points)
-          Mark of Nurgle
-          4 Autocannons

Ku’gath (300 points)

14 Plaguebearers (210 points)

7 Nurglings (91 points)

Aegis Defence Line (100 points)
-          Quad Gun

Overall this should give me a fairly balanced army. The only drawback I can see on paper is against anything with AV13 & 14. Autocannons are great but won't scratch any Land Raiders....... Food for thought I think

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