Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Time to Revise

So as you may notice from my To Do list on the right hand side, one of my jobs is to re-write my Army List (possibly frequently) in the vain hope of improving it. Here is my first (and quite major revision if I am honest). Where possible I am providing justification for the changes. If you have any opinions on the changes please feel free to let me know!

Army List

No Change Here. None Needed. Keep reading.

7 Plague Marines                                                                                                                              
-          2 Plasmaguns
-          Champion; Powerfist, Combi Bolter
-          Rhino; Combi-Melta
Added a Rhino to the unit to make them more mobile. Taken Combi-Melta on Rhino on the off chance I get to pot shot a vehicle with it.

14 Chaos Space Marines   
-          Mark of Nurgle
-          2 Meltaguns
ok so this unit is replacing a unit of 7 Plague Marines. I have kept the Meltaguns in this unit (assuming the survivability of Plague Marines means they are better off with the overheating weaponry). I made this swap to increase bodies in the force.

28 Cultists   
-          Plague Zombies
The Tarpit/Blob of the army. Kept unchanged.

14 Cultists      
-          Autoguns
honestly these only got included because i had the spare points. This unit has some potential to be removed in favour of upgrades for Aspiring Champions etc.

-          Baleflamer
Compulsory choice in my opinion.

7 Havocs    
-          Mark of Nurgle
-          4 Autocannons
This unit provides the fire support for the army and is teamed with the Aegis Line to give it some protection and to provide the anti-air basis of the army. 


Great Unclean One          
Possibily my biggest change (and one I wish i didn't have to make) was to drop Ku'Gath. For about half the points i get a basic Great Unclean One. Ku'Gath had to go because of his cost and also because spawning single bases of Nurglings is just Handing Kill Points to your opponent.

14 Plaguebearers     
Unchanged. Solid chunk of Nurgle Daemons to provide the core of the allied force.               

7 Nurgling Swarms                                                                                                                          
Same as above. Unchanged. Solid chunk of Nurgle Daemons to provide the core of the allied force


Aegis Defence Line         
-          Quad Gun
 This was always staying in the force with the Havocs. 

Ok so what to do from here. Overall I am happier with this army list and it retains the basic elements of what i wanted in the army (still wish i could fit Ku'Gath in but him and Typhus eat up nearly a third of the points!). Stay Tuned for Further updates!

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