Monday, 18 February 2013


Ok so the Title says it all! I started work on my Plague Zombies. The First image below shows them amongst some Plague Marines (they are the white blurs!). I apologise for the shoddy photographs but they were shot using my iPod on a whim. I wanted to measure how much i did in a day!

The second photo actually is 28 Zombies fully painted (apart from bases). I may go back and add some detailing to them if I get time but once the bases are done I am happy these guys are of table top quality.

So to Summarise. One lazy Sunday Afternoon means 28 Zombies completed (just about). Makes me feel a bit more confident about the rest of the army now the main Horde unit is practically out of the way!

As a side note, you may be looking at the models wondering as to my choice. I have decided to use Goblins from GW's The Hobbit range because a) the are available in bulk and b) they actually work! they are slightly stunted, covered in pustules and ramshackle weapons and bones. They are not necessarily "human" plague zombies. After all many Imperial planets have "Sub-Human" denizens! what od you think? (I even have GW's blessing with this as i wanted to confirm if I took them to the Throne of Skulls they would be allowed! and they agreed and said that it was actually a very good idea!) 

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