Monday, 25 February 2013

Total Recall!

Time to wipe the slate clean and start again! I got in a couple of games over the weekend (my first of 6th) with my mate Luke and his Blog Wars List and realised the utter filth i was facing. Off the top of my head he had taken a large number of guard (there was definitely a giant blob!) more heavy weapons than i could shake a stick at (autocannons and lascannons!) allied Sisters including one squad of sisters in rhino, a squad of flamer dominions in a rhino and St Celestine. oh and before i forget; 2 MANTICORES! (I hate these things).

First game was lost spectularly although a personal highlight for me was my Aspiring Champion becoming a Daemon Prince on my first ever roll on the chart! My army was too slow to reach him, and did not have enough fire power to cause sufficient damage from range. Nurgle Obliterators are quite nice and will be something I look at keeping in but apart from that in that game nothing much of note was accomplished.

The second game went, possibly, slightly better. With a few nice memories, my Great Unclean One performed ok in this game and I like him (come on New Daemon Codex!)! St Celestine is nasty when she keeps getting back up, although I was very happy when she charged my unit of Havocs, slaughtered all but one of them and then went down to his one attack (she was fortunately wounded before, one from Dangerous Terrain IIRC)

oh a final note, Heldrakes are nice!

So what are my plans going forwards. Well a new Daemon codex is just on the horizon and this is where I am looking. I still want to stick to Nurgle so I am going to see about allying CSM into the Daemon Codex. If I did this I would probably take a Nurgle Sorcerer with a unit of Nurgle CSM's,  Heldrake and 3 Nurgle Obliterators and that would be my allied section sorted. 

The New daemon deployment rules would hopefully help too, starting with more of the army on the table. The problem with Daemon Allies was that i had very little on the table, especially if my opponent was going first, and this just gave him the opportunity to prioritise targets.

Provisional plan is a couple of large units of Plague Bearers, a unit of Plague Drones (I like the models, get over it!), and possibly Ku'Gath (depending on his new rules- I still need a Special Character). I love Typhus but he wasnt working for me, over two games he managed to Perils himself once, fail another 2 psychic tests and whack himself in the face with Manreaper (killing himself in the process)!

So I implore you, if you have read all this babble;
"Help Me Obi-Wan Whoever-You-Are, you'e my only hope"

Any idea's please for the army, please comment!

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