Monday, 4 March 2013

and now for something completely different.

So my previous army was an utter disaster. However salvation may have just burst out of the Warp! That's right i am going to attempt a Daemon army. i have 3 and a bit months and 1850 points to sort. let's see what happens here!

I have written my first provisional list and present it for your musings. Please please please comment on it because i need all the feedback I can gather. I have put notes by units where appropriate explaining my choices...


Ku’Gath-260 points
Obligatory named character. He will most likely advance down one flank, pie-plating whatever he can see. Nurglings will accompany him so he can hopefully add a little to their survivability (providing I don't infiltrate them). Will only take Primaris power if he rolls the Warp Charge 2 psychic power- the other 2 powers i would happily have! 

Herald of Nurgle- 115 points
-          Mastery Level 1
-          Locus of Fecundity
-          Greater Reward
Included to boost survival of blob of Plaguebearers. Will only take Primaris power if he rolls the Warp Charge 2 psychic power- the other 2 powers i would happily have! Included the reward for a bit of fun, would love to roll +1W and It Will Not Die! a 3W T5 herald sounds fun!

Herald of Tzeentch- 95 points
-          Master Level 2
-          Locus of Conjuration
Included to boost the shootiness (technical term) of the Horrors. He will always take Primaris Tzeentch power and cast on Warp Charge 2 normally, unless the power generates from Divination is of any use in that turn..... Tempted to drop the Mastery Level 2 to be honest and just get 2D6 shots from his Flickering Fire.


Beasts of Nurgle [3]  -156 points
 These guys are just there to get forward as quick as possible. Will be supported by the Plague Drones. They are tough and survivable and will be just going forth and tar-pitting a unit that I decide is a big threat. Hopefully they will tie it up long enough for Ku'Gath to waltz in and sit on them.


Plaguebearers [20]- 195 points
-          Plague Ridden
-          Icon
a nice solid block of relatively tough infantry. This guys are joined by the Nurgle Herald and start advancing on the opposition. Putting pressure on them. Hopefully the additional FnP from the Herald will keep them alive. 

Plaguebearers [14]- 141 points
-          Plague Ridden
-          Icon
 These guys are in to hold the home objective. Get in cover and go to ground will probably be a frequent tactic with these guys.

Pink Horrors of Tzeentch [17]- 173 points
-          Iridescent Horror
-          Icon
 This unit is here because i wanted to have some random (not great in tournament play but it is something that neither player can counter!). They will be using Flickering Fire of Tzeentch cast using 2 Warp Charge points for a 24" S6 (thanks to Herald) AP4 Assault 3D6 ranged attack.. I know i may give my opponent FnP but c'est la vie! Note that the Tzeentch Herald then uses the same power! Meaning 6D6 S6 shots from the unit........

Nurgling Swams [7]- 105 points
 Several choices here. I can send them down a flank with Ku'Gath. Or i can infiltrate them forward and start harassing a unit (bog it down in combat hopefully) early in the game. Or i could outflank for a later game flank harasslement.... not quite sure about the correct application of Nurglings....

Fast Attack

Plague Drones [5]-  230 points
-          Plague Bringer
-          Icon
 Nurgle on Speed. Along with the drones these guys are designed to tie the opponent up long enough for me to get the other units in to play. Was very tempted to make them poisoned 3+ but overall I think the basic drones should be fine.

Heavy Support

Soul Grinder - 180 points
-          Daemon of Nurgle
-          Phlegm Bombardment
 This will sit in cover from the early game and pie-plate things that come close. with Shrouded this thing should become quite survivable and hopefully it's anti-air support will prove sufficient.

Burning Chariot - 100 points
 There is a caveat to the inclusion of the Burning Chariots. If they are not subject to an FAQ stating they have relentless I will be dropping them. Move or Fire on these will be pointless. Move and Fire and they get in!

Burning Chariot - 100 points
See above.

There you have it folks. This is the daemon army I plan on doing. I may make a few alterations here and there, hopefully as I discover tactics. What do you think......


  1. I likes. I would suggest dropping the 2nd plaguebearer unit, or making a few more points to get a 2nd Nurgling Squad. Sure they're only T3, but with shrouding they don't need to go to ground as they have a 2+ cover in ruins.

    Also give your Nurgle Herald a lesser gift so he can take the AP2 aetherblade

    And give the Horrors the upgraded Banner to inflict even more shots. Always roll once on Divination and swap it for Prescience. it'll help counter the BS3 of the Horror squad

  2. I love the horror idea, that is definitely worth investing in and i think i can do the second unit of Nurglings too with dropping the small unit of plague bearers..... that should free up the points for the other upgrades too! cheers mate!

  3. Hi there mate,
    I don't own a Demon Codex, so I don't know the rules, so my questions may be ridiciulous. Anyway here we go:
    - are Nurglings considered scoring units? I know in the past (3rd edition Chaos Space Marine Codex) they couldn't hold an objective.
    - if they aren't considered scoring I would consider getting more scoring units. As a rule of thumb most people go with 1 scoring unit per 500 points.
    - is mixing Nurgle and Tzeentch units causing any issues? If I remember correctly at least the Demon Princes where rumored to have the Hatred USR vs. the other god (Nurgle <-> Tzeentch).
    - you have a little more then 25% of your points in HQ units. This appears like alot. This doesn't neccessarily mean a good or bad thing, just make sure those units are worth it and needed for your overall plan.
    - is any of those units capable of anti air fire (besides snapshots)? Expect to have 1-2 flyers against you regardless of the opponent. Having some sort of AA is mandatory IMHO.

    As I said above, I don't own a demons codex, so I'm not familiar with their respective rules. Neither do I know what your prefered style of play is (offensive / defensive etc.). My points are just to give you an idea of what came to my mind when looking at your list.
    Also I assume you don't own most of those units, so it is also a huge investment in money if you plan to play this list. It may be worth a consideration to add some Chaos Space Marine Allies to save some buck. Also they allow you some versatility.
    Last but not least, Chaos Space Marines can offer you some ranged fire power, which is currently done by the Tzeentch demons. By dropping them and going for CSMs (with Mark of Nurgle) you'd get back to your original idea of playing a pure Nurgle list.
    Whatever your decisions may be, keep us up to date and I'm looking forward to seeing your final army at BW5. :-)


    PS: I'm also still trying various builds for my BW5 list. :-P

  4. Hallo Hendrik,

    Nurglings are not scoring units and so you may be right about swapping some for another scoring unit...

    The amount of HQ was something i had thought about. Ku'Gath is rock hard and fills the compulsory character slot nicely. The other 2 heralds boost my two major units. The nurgle adds Feel No Pain to the mob of Plaguebearers and the Tzeentch one practically doubles the firepower of the Horrors unit.

    The mixing of Nurgle and Tzeentch shouldn't create too many issues apart from the odd one with the Warp Storm Table but nothing that can't be further prevented by tweaking and adding musicians.

    The soulgrinder has Skyfire on its 3 shot autocannon and i have access to Divination which i could then cast on one of the chariots meaning D3 lascannon shots......

    so much to consider!

  5. A quick note to all who are helping me out here- I have put up a revised army list on the blog so remember to check out the front page and see the most recent postings! (also follow my blog! only 3 people are interested in my exploits! this makes me sad!)