Monday, 18 March 2013

Battle Report 1- IG / Marine Combo

First a note- these reports won't be a turn by turn basis report but more my recollections of key moments that I can learn from and look to use in future games.

So the first of 2 games I managed to get through this weekend. It was against an Imperial Guard army with allied Space Wolves. From what I can remember he had;

-a Company Command Squad
-a sizeable Platoon including plenty of heavy weapons
-a unit of Penal Legion
-A Leman Russ
-Allied grey hunter squad ( 2 melta ) in drop pod with a Rune Priest
- Long Fang Squad with Missiles aplenty

This was my first game with the new Daemon codex and so it was more for me to get to grips with how to play them. I opted for everything deployed and infiltrated the Nurglings forward for very early harassment. As I was going second I managed to get off a first turn charge with them and that kept the Penal Legion out of the whole game as they were tied up. From this I learnt that Nurglings can be a very effective Tar Pit (more on this in the second game report!).

Luke tried to bring his drop pod down to threaten my Herald of Nurgle and Plague Bearer unit but scattered off the board and was then delayed. I was relieved at the time but in my turn 1 I rolled an 11 on the Warp Storm Table and if his Rune Priest had been there I am pretty sure he would have been gone and that would have been a huge blow early on! it would have completely turned the tide because I would then have had a Plague Bearer unit with 2 Heralds.... ahhh chaos you are a fickle mistress.

The Horrors of Tzeentch were awesome but I was not aggressive enough with them. I was very wary of the fact that they were deployed opposite the Russ. They managed to whittle down several squads and they did a good job of mauling the devastators. With the Herald and Prescience they can kick out a frightening amount of firepower!! I am tempted to try a Deep Striking unit to place a firebase in the opponents face very early on and see how that works- maybe twinning with a unit of flamers.

The Soulgrinder, aaahhhh, the Soulgrinder. Lukes approach was to ignore it. A Nurgle Soulgrinder sat in cover is just lovely. Went through the game completely undamaged. This will not get changed in the slightest. The only alteration may be the inclusion of another instead of the Burning Chariots.

The Plague Drones- right what can I say- these guys are tough and they seem to be quite scary. Luke devoted a lot of early game firepower to trying to take them out. They are also VERY quick for a nurgle unit.  These unit of 3 was a little bit small overall and I look forward to trying them as a unit of 5 as I think this will be more imposing.

Plaguebearers are still hardy! With the herald conferring Feel No Pain these things could take a lot of punishment and still come out smelling of erm.....putrid roses! May be worth investing in a second smaller unit of these.

The Warp Storm Table. I don't know what everyone is complaining about. I didn't get any disastrous results and the few casualties it did inflict weren't hugely game changing (they would have been if that damn Rune Priest had been on the board!). My opinion of this may change as I get more games in but at the moment, i quite like it!

More to Come....

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