Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Constant State of Change

After the first draft yesterday, several people came forward with great idea's and some of these I have tried to work in! Keep the idea's coming, I will be getting test games in shortly with this army list (and A LOT of proxying!). A special shout out to Hendrik for his suggestion to maybe ally in CSM as that was what i was previously working on, I did consider it and I have a small allied section written up involving a unit of Havocs with Autocannons, some cultists, an Aegis Line and a Sorcerer..... May try it out!

A Pretty Picture to Brighten the Blog!

Anyway, keep reading for my revised list!


Ku’Gath-260 points
No Change here

Herald of Nurgle- 105 points
-          Mastery Level 1
-          Locus of Fecundity
-          Lesser Reward
Slight Change of plan here, dropped Greater Reward to a Lesser Reward to free up 10 points. This will be the AP2 aetherblade! I am still unsure on whether the Psychic power is worth it, these points may go on musicians! thoughts people?

Herald of Tzeentch- 95 points
-          Master Level 2
-          Locus of Conjuration
Same as previous post!


Beasts of Nurgle [3]  -156 points
Same as previous post!


Plaguebearers [20]- 195 points
-          Plague Ridden
-          Icon
Same as previous post!

Pink Horrors of Tzeentch [17]- 178 points
-          Iridescent Horror
-          Icon- Blasted Standard
Apart from some Mathematical corrections here I have also added in the Blasted Standard to further increase the damage they can kick out at a key point....

Nurgling Swams [5]- 75 points
Biggest alteration here after some suggestions from DrLove42 and also reading some other posts by Learn2Eel on BoLs. Kudos guys! I have plumped for 3 units of 5 Nurglings, slightly smaller than the original 7 but overall a lot more numerous! these guys are remarkably survivable too!

Nurgling Swams [5]- 75 points
See above!

Nurgling Swams [5]- 75 points
See above!

Fast Attack

Plague Drones [5]-  255 points
-          Plague Bringer
-          Icon
-          Rot Proboscis
Pretty much the same as previous, however I have now managed to work in the poisoned 3+ for them! flanking unit with possible tank-hunting secondary roll!

Heavy Support

Soul Grinder - 180 points
-          Daemon of Nurgle
-          Phlegm Bombardment
Same as previous post!

Burning Chariot - 100 points
Same as previous post!

Burning Chariot - 100 points
Same as previous post!

So that is the revised army list, hopefully slightly more flexible! unfortunately I have not been able to work musicians in to the units which is a bit of a bummer if I am honest, but I am looking at finding a way! any idea's? Thank's for all the help guys!

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