Thursday, 28 March 2013

Further Musings

So I have been frequently revisiting my 1850 list for Blog Wars 5 and doodling other ideas out and I wanted to quickly share a  few of these with you and hopefully get some feedback;

-I currently have about 80 points spare.

- Needed more Scoring Units- Dropped Surplus units of Nurglings taking only one larger unit and means i can now take a unit of 15 Plague Bearers, a unit of 10 Plaguebearers, a unit of 20 horrors and a unit of 10 horrors! that should give the army a lot more body.

- I am debating dropping 2 of the Plague Drones and just fielding 3. This would free up nearly 100 points which I would possibly look at investing in a unit of Flamers..... the option here would be to use these 100 points and the other 80 i already have free and take a second Nurgle Soul Grinder.......

so that is it so far... any thoughts guys?

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