Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Trial By Fire V2.00

So after yesterday's attempt at an army list and some very valid feedback I have made some changes to the army. I have dropped several rewards and some Nurglings to free up points (they were only a cheap harassing infiltrating unit anyway) and, the biggest change, I have dropped the Burning Chariot. This means i had enough points free to plump for a Nurgle Soulgrinder which should prove to be far more survivable overall! Without further delay, here is the list.....

Herald of Nurgle (80)
- Greater Locus of Fecundity
- Lesser Reward

Herald of Tzeentch (120)
- Exalted Locus of Conjuration
- Mastery Level 3

20 Plaguebearers (185)
- Plagueridden

20 Pink Horrors (205)
- Iridescent Horror
- Icon; Blasted Standard

5 Nurglings (75)

Fast Attack
3 Plague Drones (146)
- Plague Bringer
- Rot Proboscis

Heavy Support
Soulgrinder (180)
- Phlegm Bombardment
- Daemon of Nurgle

I have dropped rewards across the army and a couple of Nurglings and it has allowed me to swap the Burning Chariot for a Soulgrinder which should prove a little bit harder at 1000 points I think. 

I have 9 points left which I think will simply go on to a musician for the Horror Unit to stop them getting splatted by the Warpstorm table.. possibly.......

anybody out there got any thoughts?

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  1. Back again - definitely like the way you're going with this list.

    If you choose to include an instrument (and I'm guessing your group is a bit lenient on points, as you'd be one over) I'd put it on the plaguebearers, as it is the nurgle warp storm entry that will fry your horrors.

    If looking to stay under 1k, I'd likely drop another nurgling base (bringing you to 4) which would in turn give you enough points to buy a lesser gift for your plagueridden (taking Etherblade for a 2nd ap2 weapon in your PB squad for chopping things up that just don't want to die like termies-since this is your hard hitting unit) and also taking an instrument in the PB unit to try and take some of the heat off of your horrors should you roll the nurgle warp storm.

    These changes I think should bring you in at just under 1k.

    The grinder will certainly help with anti-whatever from your opps at 1k and should bunker itself into whatever cover it can find to take advantage of shroud.

    Having not played with them yet, I don't really know about feedback concerning the Drones other than after you play with them, you can give me sort of a heads up on how they did. Looking at them I almost get the idea that 9 wounds "might" be enough, but I'm not entirely sure yet. If they don't perform (I hope they do well though), my suggestion would be to drop them, throw in another min unit of PBs for backfield objective camping, take the nurglings down to a 3base unit, and add in a base-unit of flamers for some shenanigans.