Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Model Review: Herald of Nurgle

So I thought I would start an infrequent series of reviews. Nothing major, I will just write reviews of Models i get that I like or dislike. I won't be doing it for everything but only when I feel like it- it is my hobby after all!

So let's start off with this guy....

This is not my version of the model!

Firstly this is one of GW's great new plastic character figures and I must say that I am impressed! The detail on this thing is phenomenal! I looked at it and just balked! Even the base is detailed- more than just a rock, the intestines of the model continue on to the base!

From a painting perspective i think this model will be fairly forgiving. It has lots of detail and crevices which lend themselves brilliantly to washes so if you are after a quick paint job to get it on the table it will be very achievable- plus it's Nurgle so mess doesn't matter! That said I think this model will be a strong contender for both the 40k and Fantasy Single Miniature at Golden Daemon this year. The level of detail that you could go in to painting this, and the amount of different techniques you can showcase on it, are staggering!

I was fortunate yesterday evening in that my Wife went outwith her friends for "Girly Night" and that left me alone with this guy (hmmm, I may rethink that sentence). I spent 3 hours engrossed in my painting with Mythbusters on in the background for semi-scientific amusement (read; I like explosions!) and the live feed from the Vatican on the laptop so I could keep abreast of Catholicism (Catholicism and a breast in the same sentence- who'd of thunk it!). Anyway I digress, it has been a long time since I have got myself that lost in a model and I think that says volumes for the quality of the stuff that GW is kicking out nowadays!

So how do i rate the model, well I haven't quite figured out a rating system yet (I am working on it) and I will revist this. Suffice to say though that this model is impressive and I doubt anybody could be disappointed with the end result of GW's hard work on this one.

Ok so that was my first ever, review sort of thing. I know it doesn't go in to much detail etc but hey, I am new at this and this is my hobby, I didn't force you to read this did I?!


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