Monday, 11 March 2013

Trial by Fire

So this coming Saturday I am getting together with both Luke Fogg and Matt Calow (both of whom i could potentially be facing at Blog Wars!) for some 1000 point games. This will be my first major excursion with the New Daemon Codex. I could be up against Guard or Sisters (Luke) or Guard, Orks or Space Marines (Matt). I intend to have a single list that will take on all-comers and have spent a while debating it. This is where it stands at the moment.....

Herald of Nurgle (100)
- Greater Locus of Fecundity
- Lesser Reward
- Greater Reward

Herald of Tzeentch (140)
- Exalted Locus of Conjuration
- Mastery Level 3
- Greater Reward

20 Plaguebearers (205)
- Plagueridden; Lesser Reward
- Icon

20 Pink Horrors (205)
- Iridescent Horror
- Icon; Blasted Standard

7 Nurglings (105)

Fast Attack
3 Plague Drones (146)
- Plague Bringer
- Rot Proboscis

Heavy Support
Burning Chariot (100)

I know this comes in at 1 point over but these are friendly games and I doubt the guys will have a problem with it (if they do i will just drop the lesser reward on the Plagueridden and play 9 points down)


  1. It seems like that's a lot of points on your heralds, and a huge thing of nurglings. If you're worried about getting some cover, wouldn't it be better to split the nurglings into smaller units to provide individual unit coverage? By dropping one base of nurglings, the the 2 greater rewards on heralds, you'd gain quite a few points. Also, I'm curious what you're using the icon for on the plaguebearers as you don't really seem to mention deepstriking anything (if you are, it would be better to put the icon on the plague drones as they're much faster at getting upfield to allow for the drop to occur).

    Also, what is your game plan vs tanks of different sizes and styles?

  2. Very good point about the Icon on the Plaguebearers! That is what happens when you try to shrink a larger army! The actual intention of the Nurglings is to infiltrate and start harassing opponents early on, to present an early target meaning the rest of the force draws less fire. I could quite easily drop the greater reward from the herald giving me another 20 points. With Tanks, I have several things I can do, I have the Burning Chariot (however it hasn't been FAQ'd to fire yet!), I have the plaguebearers if they ever get there, or I have the Plague Drones. Also the Tzeentch Herald could roll a psychic power of sufficient damage..... will have a look and update the list later this morning.